Building Muscle on Keto

How do you build muscle? Performing progressively difficult resistance training using moderate to heavy weights is the secret to building muscle on keto. The diet plays a lesser role than conventional wisdom would dictate. The above keto muscle-building macro-nutrient ratio is a generality. For example, someone young and healthy and wants to gain muscle faster …

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Keto Bodybuilding Supplements (top 10 list)

I recently published an article titled Keto and Bodybuilding and I purposely didn’t mention any keto bodybuilding supplements. In fact, I went out of my way to say they are not essential. If you focus on eating the best keto superfoods, avoid eating dirty keto and take the most effective antioxidants once in a while …

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Best Costco Keto Shopping List

If you’re headed to Costco and putting together a keto diet food list you’ve came to the right place. We’ll be updating this list about every month or so as Costco gets in new keto-friendly foods. We’re not going to focus on price because the price varies due to location and market conditions. However, we’ll …

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Is Keto Blaze Pizza Worth the Hype?

There’s a lot of hype around the Blaze Keto Crust pizza. According to the Blaze Pizza press release, they are the first national chain to offer a true keto pizza crust. They might be correct. I have tried three different fast food cauliflower crust pizzas and they all have close to 60 net carbohydrates in …

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Butter on the Keto Diet

What are the best brands of butter for taste and health? Vermont cultured butter, (pasture-raised) USA Organic Valley cultured butter, (pasture-raised) USA Kerrygold, (pasture-raised) Ireland Straus Family Creamery, (pasture-raised) USA Vital Farms, (pasture-raised) USA Horizon Organic, (pasture-raised) USA President butter, (cultured) France Is butter healthy? Yes, butter is healthy. It has gotten a bad rap …

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