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Does High Cholesterol Cause Heart Disease

Does high cholesterol cause heart disease? It seems every time I go to see my doctor she wants to put me on statins.

She doesn’t seem to care about inflammation, triglycerides, A1C or more importantly the ratio of good cholesterol to bad cholesterol.

Keto and Cholesterol
Keto and cholesterol

Here is an article, one of many recently, that debunks that mindset. According to the article below, cholesterol levels have been going down for the last ten years but heart disease is still going up.

Heart disease: The forgotten pandemic

It seems there is very little correlation to cholesterol and heart disease.

Unfortunately, most doctors, for reasons that elude me, are still in a 1960s mindset when it comes cholesterol and heart disease.

Inflammation is a primary factor in heart disease

The C-Reactive Protein test measures inflammation

“A number of studies showed, that a high concentration of high sensitivity C reactive protein (hsCRP) is an independent risk factor for the development of cardiovascular disease in a healthy person.”

C reactive protein and lipid status as a risk factors for coronary disease

Can the keto raise cholesterol?

Absolutely, but focusing overall health instead of just total cholesterol is much more beneficial. There are a ton of myths related to the ketogenic diet and the keto-cholesterol myth is at center stage. Here is an article that debunks most of those keto myths:

Let’s have this conversation with our doctors and together we can change the outdated mindset when it comes to keto and cholesterol.

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