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Hello, I am Robert Bryant, owner of Ketogenicinfo and you can contact me if you have any questions comments or need any advice or help. I reversed my type 2 diabetes and lost 80 pounds on the ketogenic diet and have kept the weight off and sustained my keto lifestyle for three years and counting. Here is my keto transformation.

I don’t typically endorse any products and don’t make any profit from this website. The hosting and maintenance costs are more expensive than the tiny revenue I make from the ads I run on the site. I say that because I have been attacked for trying to make a profit.

Feel free to contact me if you have any knowledge to share with me. I am always trying to learn. I pride myself as a researcher and spend a lot of time combing through studies on PubMed to be able to back up my content. I always go out of my way to provide a link to my scientific data so you can go read the study for yourself.

I am also interested in taking article submission from qualified writers. I will source the work to you, but can’t provide any payment or links.

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