An Interview with Keto Connect

Interview with Matt and Megha of Keto Connect

They are not doctors, professors or scientists, but Megha and Matt of Keto Connect have found a way to connect with the average Ketogenic community on an amazing scale.  Last I checked they had almost 585,000 subscribers on Youtube. 

They also have four published books and as of this writing, their “Keto Made Easy” book is ranked #16 on the Amazon best sellers list.

I think what makes them so special is the natural, relaxed way they explain the Ketogenic lifestyle in terms that the average Joe can relate with. 

Keto Connect doesn’t have the most expensive backdrop for their videos, they are usually shot in a casual fashion with them relaxing on the couch or cooking in their kitchen. Sometimes you see their cute pets Julius (dog) and Miley (cat) popping in and out of their videos.

They understand the average person and customize their content for people that are on a budget and for people that want to enjoy life a little, but still eat low carb. 

Their “Fat Bomb Bible” book has given me recipes for some delightful snacks. Their keto cheesecake and cauliflower crust pizza are two of my favorites.

I also really enjoy their “shopping on a budget” series. It’s always challenging to shop for ketogenic friendly groceries and they help you find stuff on a budget.


Their recent video debunking Jillian Michaels’ anti-keto video was epic. They systematically and logically touched on all of her points and destroyed her, they laid out just how wrong she was. Unlike Miss Michaels, Matt provided scientific studies to debunk her negative comments. 

They kind of touched on a point at the end that someone paid her off to discredit the Ketogenic Diet. Was the sugar, grain or pharmaceutical industry behind it?

You could tell Miss Michaels clearly hadn’t done her research because some of her points were beyond silly and just inaccurate. It almost seemed like Miss Michaels just Googled the Ketogenic Diet and started making stuff up.  As an example, Matt and Megha brought up the point that Miss Michaels claimed that the Ketogenic diet reduced autophagy. 


That is beyond ridiculous because intermittent fasting and the ketogenic diet is the only diet that actually stimulates autophagy.

So kudos to Ketoconnect for exposing Jillian Michaels as the fraud that she is. It is uninformed, so-called “experts” like Jillian Michaels that are responsible for spreading so many false rumors about the Ketogenic diet.

Keto Connect didn’t solicit me to write this glowing review and they certainly didn’t pay me or anything. I just wanted to highlight their success story. 

I love the stories about small peeps starting with nothing and through hard work, rising to the top of their chosen field. Since they have almost half a million subscribers on Youtube, anyone reading this has probably already connected with them, but if not, give them a gander. They have greatly helped me with my Ketogenic Journey.

Here are the transcripts to the interview I conducted with Matt and Megha of KetoConnect:

1. How and where did you two meet? 
We met in San Francisco through an online dating app called OkCupid.
2. How and why did you get started on Keto and how long have you been eating a Ketogenic Diet?
We have been on a ketogenic diet for 4 years and we first got started after Matt saw That Sugar Film. He found out about the diet on Reddit and we decided to give it a try! We had both always been very health conscious (or so we thought) and tried several different diets to find what made us feel best, but cutting out all sugar was never really a thought to us, until we found keto. 

After going through the dreaded keto flu we came out on the other side feeling great – more energy throughout the day, less snacking overall and better moods so we had to reason to stop.
3. Both of you look to have a normal body weight, so why are doing Keto and have either of you ever been obese? 
Prior to starting keto we were both more likely considered underweight. Diets have never been about weight loss for us, but more so about finding a way of eating that is sustainable, enjoyable and makes us feel good. We were always looking to improve our health and keto gave us that. 

I think a lot of people come to realize after starting a keto diet that not everything is about weight loss or looking good in a bathing suit, but that becoming healthier and feeling good day to day takes priority. 
4. What experts do you follow to gain scientific knowledge about the Ketogenic diet? 
We love following Mike Mutzel on YouTube. He interviews all the low carb/keto experts and puts those interviews up on his channel for free, and he is also a wealth of knowledge so any questions we have regarding health we always through at him. In regards to experts/researchers we have learned a lot from, Dave Feldman who has done a lot of research on cholesterol, Ben Bikman who has great info on protein on a keto diet, and Sarah Hallberg from Virta Health who did a one year study showing the reversal of type 2 diabetes using a keto diet. 

The list obviously goes on, but those are just a couple that come to mind. Hopefully, we will see more research on low carb/keto diets come to surface.
5. What does your family’s think about you eating a Ketogenic Diet? 
Neither of our families plan on going keto anytime soon, but they don’t fight us on it ever or make comments anymore about what we don’t eat certain foods. After 4 years of living this way I think they now understand our eating style and they do their best to accommodate it when we visit.
6. Keto is very popular now, Do you think the Ketogenic diet will remain popular long term or will it fade away like the Adkins diet did? 
The keto diet won’t always be as popular as it is now with all the news and media coverage, but it will always be a great option and something people seek out for weight loss and bettering their health. There is a lot of science and people backing this way of eating, which to us means it will always have its place!
7. What special projects are you working on now for the future,  so your fans can know what to look out for? 
We are currently working on our second cookbook that should be out in the coming months, and we have a couple other projects we are working on in the background we can’t share too much on at the moment. 

We love continuing to create content for our food blog and youtube channel and engage with our audience! You can always get a hold of us on Instagram Live at 9am EST which we do every day or shoot us an email at
Thanks for the interview Keto Connect!


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