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What is the the State of Ketosis?

What is the state of Ketosis?

It is a metabolic condition where the body is using ketones as energy as opposed to carbohydrates and glucose. Ketosis is the elevation of the ketone bodies: D-beta-hydroxybutyrate, (R-3hydroxybutyrate) and acetoacetate. It’s a natural, perfectly healthy condition brought about by the depletion of available glucose and stored muscle and liver glycogen.

What is a ketone?

Ketones are also called ketone bodies. They consist of acetone, acetoacetate, and beta-hydroxybutyrate. They are produced by the liver from the breakdown and oxidation of fatty acids.

Ketosis is the secret to the the popular Ketogenic Diet. Once the dieter becomes keto-adapted, he can efficiently utilize ketones as energy. The ketosis adapted dieter burns fat more efficiently and suffers less hunger.

People often ask me what is the best long term diet to lose weight?

Introducing the ketone:

Whether you follow the keto diet or any other diet, getting into ketosis and using ketones as energy is the process of any fat burning. We can’t directly use fat as energy, but our bodies can release fatty acids into the bloodstream.

Our liver can then convert that fat into ketones. Our body can then use those ketones as energy.

The State of nutritional Ketosis

This is such an informative study titled: Nutritional ketosis: implications for exercise performance and metabolism.

The use of ketone bodies as fuel is based on sound evolutionary principles to prolong survival during caloric deprivation. By harnessing the potential of these ketone bodies during exercise, athletic performance or just day to day activities one can unlock the ability to maintain a lifetime of good health.

For the first 50 years of my life I had no idea that there were two separate energy sources available for the human body. I never realize that you didn’t constantly have to eat high carbohydrate food to have energy. It’s just not something that is well known and not taught in school.

The discovery of ketones changed my life.

“Don’t dig your grave with your own knife and fork”

English Proverb

Being in a state of ketosis just means you are utilizing ketones as energy.

One of the negative aspects of keto is keto-breath. When your liver makes more ketones than you need they are expelled out of your body through the urinary tract and through your breath.

The ketone acetone is broken down at the molecular level and expelled through your breath. It is described as smelling like finger nail polish. Here is an informative article on the problems with keto and how to avoid them.

Ketone bodies are produced in the liver from circulating free fatty acids (FFA) from adipolysis. They can be made from either your stored fat, or the fat you ingest.

When we are using ketones for energy we are in a state of ketosis. This study on Pubmed shows that Ketosis is stimulated during fasting, after prolonged exercise, and when a high-fat/low carbohydrate diet is followed.

Ketone utilization and fat oxidation on a ketogenic low carbohydrate diet
High carbohydrate diet vs. Low carbohydrate diet fat oxidation during exercise

The secret to becoming a fat burning machine is to stimulate our body to burn ketones as energy. We do that by eating a ketogenic, low carbohydrate diet. An added benefit is that when we are in ketosis our appetite is suppressed and we are able to much easier stick with our diet long term.

Fasting and OMAD will quickly put you in a state of ketosis.

Purposely skipping meals and not eating any calories for extended periods of time is referred to as Fasting. Doing that at irregular intervals is called intermittent fasting. In this study, Intermittent fasting resulted in weight loss. Among the 16 trials included in this review, 11 reported statistically significant weight loss.

Intermittent Fasting also puts us in ketosis and unlocks many other health benefits. Fasting improves health and counteracts disease processes, improves mitochondrial health, DNA repair, and autophagy. It also promotes stem cell-based regeneration, alertness and the feeling of well being.

The State of Ketosis
The State of Ketosis

This study on Pubmed titled “Ketones and Human Performance” states it takes 72 hours of fasting to enter into a state of ketosis.

However, I have developed a process that will get you into ketosis into approximately 24 hours.

What are the Benefits of Ketosis?

Speed keto is a method to turbocharge the keto diet and get the fat burning process started.

In conclusion, if you want to be a fat burning machine and improve your overall health, then following a ketogenic diet with the addition of intermittent fasting might very well be the answer.

If you’re looking for more Keto Diet Information here is the keto diet explained.


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