Butter on the Keto Diet

What are the best brands of butter for taste and health? Vermont cultured butter, (pasture-raised) USA Organic Valley cultured butter, (pasture-raised) USA Kerrygold, (pasture-raised) Ireland Straus Family Creamery, (pasture-raised) USA Vital Farms, (pasture-raised) USA Horizon Organic, (pasture-raised) USA President butter, (cultured) France Is butter healthy? Yes, butter is healthy. It has gotten a bad rap …

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Natto Health Benefits

It’s also called itohiki natto, or “stringy natto.” They also eat fermented soybeans in the Himalayan regions of Nepal, India, and Bhutan, but call it Kinema instead of Natto. The history of Natto The story goes like this: Around 1086 AD the Japanese Samurai clan Minamoto no Yoshiie were attacked while boiling soybeans for their …

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